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T-Shirt for Male Nurses - 'MURSE' Because 'Badass' Is Not A Legal Job Title

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Male nurses, wear your unofficial job title with pride on this badass MURSE t-shirt!

Male nurses are badasses, everyone knows this. Still, healthcare providers don't let anyone keep "Badass" as their job title.

But it's all good! This male nurse t-shirt is the best way for any MURSE to make your own title - you deserve it!

But "Badass" on a t-shirt? Isn't that a little over-the-top?

HELL NO! You're a badass male nurse, and you deserve a badass t-shirt worthy of your profession!

Grab one of these badass male nurse t-shirts NOW and show your MURSE pride, you badd mf'er!


Gift a shirt to the male nurse in your life! It'll let them know they’ll always be a badass in your eyes, even if their employer won't put it on their nametag.

Order TODAY and show how much you appreciate their daily badassery!

Please review the size quide below BEFORE ordering, yo:

ShopForMeme Size Chart - Male Nurse T-Shirt

Grab a shirt for yourself or gift your favorite MURSE! Order TODAY!

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