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Male Nurse Sleeveless Workout Shirt - Real Man, Male Nurse

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It takes a REAL man to be a male nurse.

Rock this male nurse sleeveless shirt to gym and someone is bound to ask: “Bro, WHY would you be a male nurse?”

Don’t even break a sweat. Just flex on 'em with this:

“Only 9% of nurses are dudes...that means 91% women, bro.

NOW who’s the REAL man?

While they’re thinking about how to sign up for nursing school, you can get back to your workout in this male nurse sleeveless workout shirt.

Order yours TODAY!

Please review the size guide below BEFORE ordering, yo:

Male Nurse Workout Shirt - ShopForMeme Size Guide

Grab one for yourself, or gift one to your favorite MURSE!

It'll let them know how much you appreciate their rugged manliness.

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