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    Male Nurse Sleeveless Shirt - Because 'Badass' Is Not A Legal Job Title

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    This male nurse sleeveless workout shirt is the next best thing to "BADASS" as an official job title.

    All male nurses are badasses. Display your badassery like a badge of honor with this MURSE sleeveless workout shirt!

    Male nurses deal with a lot of frustrating issues:

    Like being constantly asked about Meet the Parents. (Those people can go GREG FOCKER themselves.)

    Or 12-hour shift...after 12-hour shift...after 12-hour shift...for what feels like FOR-EV-ER.

    And the "hurry up and wait" anxiety of being on-call when you JUST WANT TO DO A WORKOUT IN PEACE but can't.

    But here's the WORST issue:

    Despite all the ass o'clock wake-ups, late nights, and crazy-long shifts - all in the name of saving lives...

    Healthcare providers don't allow "Badass" as a professional job title.

    It'd be pretty...badass...if they did, but that seems unlikely anytime soon. Until then, this sleeveless workout shirt for male nurses is the next best thing!

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    Please review the size guide BEFORE ordering, yo:

    ShopForMeme Size Guide - Sleeveless Workout Shirt for Male Nurses

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