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The Rankest Compound of Villainous Smell That Ever Offended Nostril - Shakespeare Insult Coffee Mug

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Show thy passion for Shakespeare insults with a coffee mug that takes offense to the foulest of foul odors.

Did thou ever whiff an odor so vile that it stopped thou in thy tracks? If so, this is the Shakespeare insult coffee mug for you!

Featuring a classic quip from The Merry Wives of Windsor, this Shakespeare coffee mug delivers raunchy sophisticated comedy to any morning routine. What better way to start thy day?

Take this Shakespeare insult mug to work, to class, or to the café - you'll have thy allies and foes in an uproar!

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Send a mug to the villain who offends thy nostrils - they're sure to get the message!

Shakespeare Insult Coffee Mug - Key Features:

Durable ceramic manufacture
Color on handle, rim, and inside
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Zero buck-baskets included

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