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    RNs Walk Softly - Slim Fit T-Shirt for Nurses

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    This sassy t-shirt for nurses will let annoying doctors and patients know you're not the nurse to be messed with!

    Slam the brakes on the haters with this slim fit t-shirt for nurses, and YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO SAY A THING!

    Like Teddy Roosevelt said: walk softly and carry a big stick! There's no need to scare people away (or get yourself into trouble!) with words.

    This nurse t-shirt will proactively warn everyone not to give you any guff without sounding like Nurse Ratched!

    *AND* it's a great way to remedy difficult situations with cheeky nurse humor!

    Order your slim-fit nurse shirt TODAY!


    Send a shirt to your favorite nurse and put a snark-fueled smile on their face! Gift a shirt NOW!

    This shirt runs smaller than most shirts. Please review the size guide BEFORE ordering:

    ShopForMeme Size Guide - Slim Fit T-Shirt for Nurses

    Don't wait! Order TODAY!

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