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    Minimalist Loss Meme Beer Stein to Drown Your Cringe

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    Did you do something super cringey? Drown your embarrassment with 22 ounces of tasty beverage from this minimalist loss meme beer stein!

    Besides, you can take comfort in the knowledge that someone out there did a bigger "Whoops!" than you.

    Grab this minimal loss meme beer stein to remind yourself:

    At least your cringey mistake didn't make you Internet Superfamous. Bottom's up!

    Order your beer stein NOW!


    Send a stein to the friend who makes you cringe - they're sure to get the message!

    Minimalist Loss Meme Beer Stein - Key Features:

    • 22oz volume - drink up!
    • 8.5 inch circumference, 3.75 inch diameter - bigboi
    • White ceramic body and handle - thicc
    • Gold trim - fancy!
    • Dishwasher safe - so fresh and so clean clean
    Please DO NOT Microwave (Gold trim = FIRE)

    Gift yourself or gift a cringey friend - order TODAY!

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