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'Badass' Is Not A Legal Job Title - Long Sleeve Shirt for Male Nurses

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Fight male nurse stereotypes with this long sleeve shirt!

Help set the record straight with this badass male nurse long sleeve shirt.

Male nurses face a lot of stereotypes. Seriously, the list is a mile long and we go on for days. But some are more common than others. For example:


"Dude, you're surrounded by chicks all day every day, bro! Must be awesome!"

The nursing profession generally slants toward women, true, but male nurses have the utmost respect for their female colleagues and ALWAYS act like gentlemen.


Wait for it...…the SEXY Male Nurse.

While male nurses are universally sexy (citation needed) it’s simply unprofessional to acknowledge this fact openly.


Male nurses are BADASSES.

Which is 100% accurate. Everyone knows this.

That’s why this MURSE long sleeve shirt for male nurses is great:

Healthcare providers don't allow "Badass" as an official job title, but you can still rock this long sleeve shirt to wear your MURSE pride like a badge of honor!

Order yours NOW!


Maybe there's a badass MURSE in your life? Show them how much you appreciate their daily badassery with this long sleeve shirt for male nurses. Send one to your favorite MURSE TODAY!

Please review the size guide below BEFORE ordering, yo:

ShopForMeme Size Guide - Long Sleeve Shirt for Male Nurses

Treat yourself or gift your favorite male nurse! Order NOW!

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