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    Lily Lu the Angry Chihuahua Meme Coffee Mug for Happy Feels

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    Start your day with Lily Lu, the Angry Chihuahua!

    This funny dog meme coffee mug will satisfy your caffeine fix *AND* turn your morning frown upside-down with happy funtimes!

    The famous Lily Lu meme will brighten your mood and keep you laughing all day long!

    So what are you waiting for, fren?

    Grab this angry chihuahua meme coffee mug and spice up your kitchen or workspace with happyfun goodtimes!

    Get happy feels, fren! Order your Lily Lu coffee mug NOW!


    Send a mug to your favorite memer fren! It's the *PERFECT* gift for anyone who loves coffee and funny dog memes - order TODAY!

    Lily Ly Angry Chihuahua Meme Coffee Mug - Key Features:

    • 11oz liquid volume
    • White ceramic mug
    • Color on rim, handle, and inside
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe

    Hurry, fren! Order TODAY!

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