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    NURSE LIFE Slim Fit T-Shirt: Drink Coffee, Save Lives, Drink Wine

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    This NURSE LIFE t-shirt is the perfect gift for any beautifully badass nurse!

    This t-shirt for nurses is spot on because it lays out what working long shirts is really like:

    Start the day with your caffeine fix, push through your shifts, then chillax with a little red, white, or rosé.

    Like Big Daddy Kane said, nursing ain't easy. Sometimes it means waking up at ass-o'clock to work a 12-hour shift. That takes a lot of coffee.

    Sometimes it means working double shifts 3 days in a row. Can you blame a nurse for wanting to wind down after? (Or *wine* down...heh, puns.)

    You deserve to let yourself vent! This t-shirt for nurses will put a smile on your face *AND* help you quietly let off some steam!

    Order yours TODAY!

    This shirt runs slimmer and longer than most shirts. Please review the size guide BEFORE ordering:

    Slim Fit T-Shirt for Nurses - ShopForMeme Size Guide

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