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Methink'st Thou Art a General Offence - Shakespeare Insult Coffee Mug

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Methink'st a Shakespeare insult coffee mug is the best way to start thy day.

Keep thy coffee hot with a burning Shakespeare insult!

BANISH ALL ANNOYING MORNING NAY-SAYERS with the old nobleman Lafeu's insults and threats.

START THY DAY LAUGHING courtesy of the vivid insults on this Shakespeare coffee mug.

Immerse thyself in The Bard's biting wit *AND* keep thy coffee hot with this mug! Order yours TODAY and pour within!


Send a Shakespeare insult mug to thy favorite morning knave - they're sure to get the message!

Shakespeare Insult Coffee Mug - Key Features:

Durable ceramic manufacture
Color on handle, rim, and inside
Dishwasher and microwave safe

Make haste, villain! Order yours NOW!

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