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Minimalist Loss Meme T-Shirt to Forget Your Cringey Mistake

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Grab this minimalist loss meme t-shirt as a reminder:

We've all done something cringey. At least your mistake didn't make you INTERNET famous.

We've all done something like...

Accidentally reveal to your partner’s parents that their son/daughter isn’t so innocent anymore…

Pass gas on a first date…

Trip and fall on your diploma walk…

Oof, that's rough! But it's all good!

Move past your cringey mistake with a minimalist loss meme t-shirt! Order yours TODAY!




Send a minimalist loss meme shirt to a memer friend and help them get over their most embarrassing moment! Gift a meme shirt NOW!

Please review the size guide below BEFORE ordering, yo:

T-Shirt for the Memer - ShopForMeme Size Chart

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