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Drink Coffee, Save Lives, Drink Wine - Coffee Mug for Nurses

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This coffee mug for nurses is the perfect way to fuel your day!

Why? It spells out what nurses go through every day:

Start the day by getting your caffeine fix in this nurse coffee mug, then push through your shift (or shifts!), and finally unwind with some fermented grape juice.

Nursing is hard. Sometimes it means waking up crazy early to work a 12-hour shift. That takes a lot of coffee.

Sometimes being a nurse means working double shifts 3 days in a row. Can you blame a nurse for wanting to wind down after work? (Or *wine* down...heh, puns.)

Let yourself vent a little, you deserve it! This coffee mug for nurses will help you let off a little steam *AND* put a smile on your face!

Coffee Mug for Nurses - Key Features:

• Durable ceramic manufacture
• Color on rim, inside, and handle
• Dishwasher and microwave safe

Gift yourself or gift a nurse friend! Order TODAY!

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