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22 oz Male Nurse Beer Stein - Drink Coffee, Save Lives, Drink Beer *REPEAT*

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Grab this male nurse beer stein and try the hottest new drinking game!

Here are the rules (start AFTER your shift):

  1. When a patient tries to pinch you, chug a beer!
  2. Every time another nurse asks you to lift something heavy, chug a beer!
  3. When someone (*yet again*) asks why you became a male nurse, do 25 pushups and chug 2 beers!

Still conscious? Of COURSE you are!

You're a male nurse, and therefore by definition, a badd MF'er. This beer stein for male nurses is the *perfect* way show your professional pride (and badassery!) while you slam down some brewskis, bro.

Or maybe there's a male nurse in your life.

Grab this beer stein for your nurse father, brother, cousin, boyfriend, or husband. It'll show them you appreciate all their hard work and dedication!

Gift one to your favorite MURSE, or treat yourself! Order TODAY!

Male Nurse Beer Stein - Key Features:
• Durable white ceramic manufacture
• Gold trim accents (bling bling, yo!)
• Dishwasher safe
PLEASE DO NOT MICROWAVE (Gold trim = fire)
• ShopForMeme Guarantee: zero patient charts included

Don't wait, order yours NOW!

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