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ABROham Lincoln 'SUP BRO' Sleeveless Muscle Shirt for Bros

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This ABROham Lincoln sleeveless muscle shirt for bros will let everyone know your BROcabulary priorities are set right, bro!

Next time you’re thinking about skipping leg day, ask yourself, “What would ABROham Lincoln do?”

He threw America right on his back and did squats. Barely broke a sweat.

For all your bros who need a crash course in BROcabulary, show 'em how it's done with this ABROham Lincoln sleeveless shirt - let your arms fly as free as these United States of BROmerica!

Order your sleeveless shirt NOW, bro!

Please review the size guide below BEFORE ordering, bro:

ShopForMeme Size Guide - Sleeveless Muscle Shirt for Bros

Grab one for yourself and for your best bro, bro!

Don't wait, bro - order TODAY!

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