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Minimalist Loss Meme Coffee Mug for Sophisticated Memers

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Ever do something super cringey? Take solace in this minimalist loss meme coffee mug.

After all, you couldn't possibly have missed the mark SO BAD that you became *INTERNET* Famous.

Did you ever write your crush a note confessing your undying love, only to have them laugh in your face?

Or maybe you gave a killer presentation at work, but the only thing people talked about afterwards was how you used a pie chart instead of a bar graph?

Or maybe you misspoke one time, and every time your family gets together they mock you by saying, "I rug you too!"

Oof! Ouch! Owie! But it's all good, we've all been there.

Grab this minimalist loss meme coffee mug for yourself - or for a friend - as a reminder:

No matter how bad you think you've lost, there's always someone who lost harder.

Minimalist Loss Meme Coffee Mug - Key Features:
• Durable ceramic manufacture
• Color on rim, handle, and inside
• Dishwasher and microwave safe

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